Principles of Flexible Packaging 2

PA: Poly Amide

It is used in the market with approximate thickness of 15 micron.

It has no thermal adhesive characteristic (It should be laminated with one sealing layer).

It has great protective characteristic (for maintaining and protecting foodstuff), with moderate printing quality.


Packaging cheese, meat, macaroni, medicine wrapping etc.


It has no thermal adhesive feature.

It has no protective characteristic.

It can be printed with all printing methods.


Pharmaceutical, food, coffee etc.

Al Foil: Aluminum

It is used with approximate thickness of between 7-12 micron in the market.

It has high protecting characteristic (for maintaining and protecting foodstuffs).

It has no thermal adhesive feature (It should be laminated with one sealing layer.)

It has low printing quality.

It is used in the products among the layers to enhance shelf life.

Density of this film is 2.7.


Sauces sachets, lids of yoghurt and dough containers, medicines etc.


It is used for shrink labels which are shrunk around the product by heating. There are two forms in the market. The shrinking capacity of PVC shrink is about 50 percent and the other model, namely shrink, whose shrinking capability is 85 percent.


Label of shrink sleeve.